To our beloved Gobi Cashmere customers,
We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these hard times. To support all of you, Gobi Cashmere is caring for our customers by gifting cashmere socks, scarves and blankets to encourage #stayhome.

Currently we are not shipping following Countries:


Algeria Equatorial Guinea Madagascar Senegal
Angola Eswatini Malawi Seychelles
Botswana Gabon Mali Sierra Leone
Burkina Faso Gambia Mauritania Somalia
Burundi Ghana Mauritius South Africa
Cameroon Guinea Morocco St. Helna, Acension and Tristan da Cunha
Cape Verde Guinea-Bissau Namibia Sudan
Central African Republic Ivory Coast Niger Togo
Chad Kenya Nigeria Uganda
Comoros Lesotho Reunion Western Sahara
Congo (Republic of the Congo) Liberia Rwanda Zimbabwe
Djibouti Libya São Tomé and Principe


 Azerbaijan Iran Maldives Syria
Bangladesh Iraq Mongolia Taiwan
Bhutan Korea (Republic of Korea, South Korea) Myanmar Uzbekistan
Brunie Darussalam Kuwait Nepal Yemen
Cambodia Laos Philippines Thailand
East Timor Lebanon Sri Lanka India
Singapore Japan

Australia & Oceania

Fiji New Caledonia Samoa Vanuatu
French Polynesia Papua New Guinea Tuvalu Wallis and Futuna
Australia New Zealand Lord Howe Island New Zealand's outskirts


 Moldova Montenegro

North, South, Central America & Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda Chile Guadeloupe Peru
Aruba Colombia Guatemala St. Kitts and Nevis
Bahamas Costa Rica Guyana St. Lucia
Barbados Cuba Haiti St. Maarthen
Belize Curacao Honduras St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Bermuda Dominica Jamaica Suriname
Bolivia Dominican Republic Martinique Trinidad and Tobago
Bonaire Ecuador Nicaragua Venezuela
Brazil El Salvador Panama Mexico
Cayman Islands Grenada Paraguay Canada

 Following countries regions included:


  • 06450 Solden
  • 06452 Hochsölden
  • 06456 Obergurgl, Gurgl, Hochgurgl
  • 06458 vent
  • 06553 See, Kappl, Langesthei
  • 06555 Kappl
  • 06561 Ischgl
  • 06562 Mathon
  • 06563 Galtür
  • 06580 St. Anton am Arlberg
  • 05541 Altenmarkt
  • N94011 Agira
  • 83031 Ariano Irpino
  • 83030 Ariano Irpino Station
  • 00063 Campagnano
  • 01020 Celleno
  • 88067 Cenadi
  • 88064 Central Chiaravalle
  • 88842 Cutro
  • 89823 Fabrizia
  • 40059 Medicine
  • 89063 Melito Porto Salvo
  • 89064 Montebello Ionico
  • 82011 Paolisi
  • 87054 Rogliano
  • 91018 Salemi
  • 87038 San Lucido
  • 87056 Santo Stefano di Rogliano
  • 80039 Saviano
  • 88068 Soverato
  • 88060 Ruggiero tower
  • 94018 Troina
  • 88050 Vallefiorita
  • 90030 Villafrati


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Thank you for being patient with us. Let us take care of you and we believe our valuable customers will delight us with more purchases.


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