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Earth Day 2023

We are all interconnected through our environment. The air we breathe, the earth we walk, and the water we drink connect and sustain us.

Earth Day is a beautiful reminder of how much our earth provides for us and how we can collectively make a positive impact on our planet.

“That’s why it’s more important than ever that Earth Day is seen as a rallying cry for real action on the climate crisis.” - Zoe Ghertner - British Vogue

Here at GOBI Cashmere, we believe that it’s our ethical responsibility to fairly treat the animals and environment that provide us with the premium cashmere wool we work with every day to create the most beautiful, high-quality garments for you.

Cashmere goat baby

Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

You can see, feel, and hear it all around us - pollution, climate change, and the deterioration of our precious planet. Earth Day is a signal to all of us that we are not hopeless. We can take responsibility for our planet and make incremental changes to our lifestyles that can make a huge difference to our environment.

Earth Day was created as a way to channel the growing public awareness of environmental issues into a coordinated effort to address these challenges and push for governmental changes.

The outpouring of support has led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of several landmark environmental laws including the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act in the United States.

Inspired by Earth Day, other important environmental events have followed suit like World Water Day, Arbor Day, and World Wildlife Day among others.

When was the first Earth Day?

US Senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired by the anti-war movement of the 1960s to address the growing concerns about environmental issues. Nelson was looking to create a grassroots movement that would bring attention to the urgent need for environmental protection and conservation.

Earth Day first took place on April 22, 1970, with activities and events across the United States. Millions of people participated in rallies, marches, and educational events focused on environmental concerns, successfully bringing awareness to these causes.

Today, Earth Day is commemorated across 190 countries.

What started as a grassroots movement has now turned into a timely call to action across the world.

Why is Earth Day important?

Earth Day is important because it raises awareness about the critical environmental challenges facing our planet and it encourages people to take action to address these issues.

Earth Day:

  • Inspires
  • Promotes positive change
  • Sparks advocacy
  • Builds communities

If you would like to actively participate in the day’s activities, use search terms like “Earth Day clean-up events near me” or gather folks in your community to clean a beach or a park. You can also write to your local government asking for changes to environmental policies.

Another way to do your part is to incrementally make environmentally friendly changes around your home like collecting and mending clothing that can be repaired, repairing leaky faucets, or creating an at-home compost area.

Our organic cashmere collection is a beautiful way to start incorporating environmentally friendly practices into your home as well. All of our cashmere wool is hand combed to ensure that the cashmere goats are not harmed in any way. The goats are tended to by Mongolian nomads who have been using the same technique for centuries.

Organic crew neck cashmere

GOBI’s Organic Colour Basic Crew-Neck Sweater

Our organic cashmere is undyed and unbleached to ensure that no harsh chemicals come in contact with your skin, perfect for those with delicate skin as cashmere is naturally hypoallergenic.

When is Earth Day 2023?

Earth Day has been held every April 22 for over 50 years.

Earth Day 2023 theme

This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet,’ which is a continuation of the Earth Day theme from 2022, highlighting the significance of this strong statement.

As our commitment to you and the environment, GOBI adheres to the following brand values and principles:

  • We work directly with trusted Mongolian nomadic herders who treat their flock compassionately as they have done for generations.
  • The humane treatment of animals is deeply intertwined within our brand DNA and Mongolian culture to produce the best cashmere products in the world.
  • We work with our nomadic partners to prevent the deforestation that threatens the natural habitat where they have lived and worked for centuries.
  • GOBI has upgraded outdated technology with more energy-efficient modern machines.
  • We adhere to the principle of sustainable development and act responsibly in every stage of our cashmere manufacturing process.

Nomads in mongolia

The importance of ethical values and principles

We pride ourselves in being one of the most ethical cashmere brands available on the market.

We partner with:

  • National Federation of Pasture User Groups of Herders - The Mongolian Pastureland Users Association, which worked with Digital Medic LLC to develop The Green Gold Project, a tracking system called “Responsible Herder” to increase the prestige of Mongolian livestock, raw materials and products.
  • STEPECOLAB - In 2021, STEPECOLAB in cooperation with the Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association developed the “Voluntary Rules for Sustainable Textile Production” in which we agreed to conduct environmentally friendly and sustainable cashmere production.
  • The Sustainable Fibre Alliance - SFA is known for supporting the sustainability of natural and pasture resources, providing better living conditions for livestock and improving the efficiency of each participant in the supply of cashmere.

And we will continue to look for innovative ways to treat our people, animals, and environment in the best way possible.

Earth Day has become a symbol of environmental activism and a reminder that everyone has a role to play in protecting our planet for future generations.

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