Celebrate Earth Day-Every day!

Celebrate Earth Day-Every day!

Like every year around the world, April is a dedicated month to celebrate and increase awareness of our environment: it's Earth Month! But the concept of sustainability and a strong awareness of the protection of our planet should resonate not only this month. GOBI Cashmere, therefore, acts responsibly towards the environment and society 365 days a year.

Every day is Earth Day!

Environmental awareness

Sustainability is not a new concept for GOBI: as descendants of nomadic herders, we have lived in close connection with nature for many years. In a few words, Gobi Cashmere manufactures goods from traceable raw cashmere without a third-party influence, while trying to preserve our traditions and deliver them to our future generations. With all partners involved in this process, the cashmere brand places high value on environmental friendliness and animal welfare. The traceability of the raw materials used and thus the transparency of the process of creation of the products allows GOBI to set qualitative and responsible standards, which are very important for a considerate approach to nature and the environment.

Social commitment

Just as we are aware of our impact on the environment, we also think that social responsibility is one of the most important things to address. As one of the five largest cashmere manufacturers worldwide, we are passionately committed to social projects and several campaigns. As one of the 10 Largest Employers in Mongolia, we are committed to standing as one community and also caring for the well-being of our employees and everyone involved. Whether it is social initiatives such as education and advancement or individual work time options to provide employees with a balance between work, family, and leisure, GOBI Cashmere takes responsibility for the community as a whole.

Earth Month is the right time to reflect on your behavior and its consequences for the environment and society. GOBI Cashmere helps to lead a sustainable and fair lifestyle without having to give up high quality and a variety of styles.

Happy Earth Day!

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