GOBI and Responsibility

GOBI and Responsibility

Some might say that it’s almost impossible to implement a truly sustainable and traceable cashmere brand and successfully manage it. We are proud to say that GOBI made the almost impossible, possible, before anyone.

We are able to achieve this as we are a vertically integrated company, which means we are in complete control of every stage of our manufacturing process and we are constantly eager to make a positive impact on our planet and act responsibly. Therefore, we are exceptionally transparent with our entire production and you can see the story of cashmere made by GOBI.

The same philosophy is extended to our employees, partners, suppliers as well as our communities.

Social and Peoples: Our love for people

Our employees are more than just that, we are a community of people striving to share our love for cashmere with the rest of the world. GOBI employees are offered proper healthcare, working environment safety, flexible working hours, gender equality within the corporation, fair-wage, and are encouraged to take personal development courses at personal expense. Our responsibility doesn’t stop there, we started an initiative for our herders “Responsible Herders”. If you want to find out more in detail, please visit our Responsibility page.

The Environment: Our love for the world

Day by day and by one step at a time, we are implementing better production techniques to re-use, recycle, and reduce waste. Our organic collection is made of non-dyed, non-bleached, natural fibers that use fairly a smaller number of resources.


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