Where everything begins

Where everything begins

Step into the heart of GOBI Cashmere's primary factory, where a team of talented artisans brings the magic of cashmere to life. We shine a spotlight on the exceptional individuals who utilize their fingertips and keen eyesight mixed with modern technology to sort, wash, de-hair, and scour pure cashmere sourced from the goats living freely on the lands of Mongolia. Join us as we celebrate the artistry, expertise, and unwavering dedication of these remarkable employees.

The Art of Sorting: Touch and Vision in Harmony

Meet the meticulous sorters who possess an extraordinary ability to differentiate cashmere fibers by their natural colors and widths. Discover how their trained fingertips and keen eyesight enable them to effortlessly categorize the cashmere, ensuring only the finest fibers make their way into our garments. With their passion for preserving the integrity and unique characteristics of each strand, they are trained for many years.

Washing with Care: Nurturing the Cashmere Fibers

Enter the washing facilities and get acquainted with the skilled artisans who delicately cleanse the cashmere, removing dirt, impurities, and natural oils. Witness their technological skills as they safeguard the softness and delicate texture of the fibers. Their expertise in striking the perfect balance between thorough cleansing and maintaining the cashmere's innate qualities.

De-Hairing: Artisans Transforming Cashmere

Explore the world of de-hairing, where artisans use modern technology to skillfully remove the coarse guard hairs, revealing the purest, softest cashmere fibers. Witness the dedication and precision they employ to ensure that only the highest-quality cashmere remains. Their commitment to transforming the raw material into a luxurious and lightweight textile that embodies the essence of GOBI Cashmere.

Scouring for Excellence: Finishing Touches

Meet the artisans who add the final touches to the cashmere through the scouring process. Discover their meticulous attention to detail as they prepare each fiber for the next steps of production. Marvel at their expertise and unwavering commitment to upholding the exceptional quality standards that GOBI Cashmere is renowned for.

As you delve into the world of GOBI Cashmere's primary factory, it becomes clear that our artisans are the backbone of our exceptional craftsmanship. Their expert touch, trained fingertips, keen eyesight, and their ability to operate on the modern technology elevate the cashmere fibers to new heights of beauty and luxury. We celebrate and honor these remarkable individuals who pour their passion, skill, and artistry into every garment we create.

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