7 Winter Fashion Trends of ‘20/21 to Help You Stay Warm

7 Winter Fashion Trends of ‘20/21 to Help You Stay Warm

When you think of winter, you think of hot chocolate and cashmere coats, cardigans, and blankets. Why cashmere? Well, cashmere complements any winter look, bringing warmth without sacrificing style. Cashmere is not only eight times warmer than wool but is also significantly lighter.

The lightweight comes with numerous fashion perks. One, it's easier to style and layer over or under other clothes. But that won't be necessary since it's amazingly warm to wear by itself. That means you can stay twice as warm and stylish - minus the extra layers.

Here are the trends you should keep in mind while shopping for your winter wardrobe. From cashmere cardigans to contrast collars and stylish overcoats, they will stay warm and stylish without the bulk. Here we go!

1.  Two-toned reversible coats

A winter wardrobe is incomplete without a stylish coat. And there's so much variety you can choose from that complements your style. A personal favorite is the Notch Lapel Coat. You can choose to wear it from any side and the result remarkable. Depending on what you are wearing, you can pick the side that fits your mood.

Plus, the self-tie belt is always on point and adds more elegance to the look. And let's not forget the conveniently deep pockets you can stuff your hands in to keep warm. For the men, a poplin coat always does the trick. It's warm but stylishly so and classy.

2.  The longer the better cardigans

If comfort is a deal-breaker for you, then you will love this cardigan. Comfy — check, light — check, and warm — check. While others will go for a perfect fit and short cardigan, a longer and oversized one is what others prefer. Plus, you may find one that is long enough to wear as a dress with sexy leggings if you are lucky. The possibilities are limitless.

3.  Classy yet casual half-zips

Instead of a full-length zipper that gives off a “too casual” look, the short zipper gives a classy and elegant touch.  You can never go wrong wearing it to the office or to a quick business lunch.  And if you are planning on wearing it outdoors, you will find it lightweight enough to layer under other clothes. Even so, it is still warm on its own. Check out a half-zip polo that exudes a breathable feel and a casual but stylish look.

4.  Bold stripes are the new casual

Keeping warm without having to layer up can be a challenge. But not with a striped boat neck dress. You stay warm and look chic as the lady of the house while hosting dinner or simply enjoying your time indoors. Pair it with some plush cashmere socks to keep your lower half warm.

5.  Functional stylish comfort

It's hard to say who looks better in zip hoodies, the ladies or the men? Either way, you can bet that this item complements your look, and it's never been more popular than now. Zip hoodies are functional and stylish. And whether you are going for a sportier look or tech look, you can be sure that the zip hoodie can fit the bill.

6.  Contrast colored trims

The contrast collar and cuff sweater has a way of looking good on everyone and will definitely give a tastefully bold statement. The vivid colored stripes promise to breathe new life into your knit repertoire. The rib knit produces a textural detail that is certainly captivating. It's not only cozy but also exudes elegance and confidence. A trendy winter wardrobe cannot be complete without this item.

7.  Decorative blankets for home

There's no better feeling than relaxing on the sofa with your loved ones, watching 'Love Actually,' and listening to the sound of the furnace crackling. You add a bowl of your favorite flavored popcorns and a knit blanket to the mix, and you are all set.

These blankets are ridiculously soft, fuzzy and warm. It also makes a good decoration for your home! But that's not all you can get. You can also choose a woven one, plain knit, cable knit, fringe design or one with a bordered design.

Try on the trends

The fashion aspect of this season is what most love more about it. And if you fit in this category, then the above list of winter fashion trends 2020/2021 will appeal to you. And, from warm, fuzzy coats to the stylishly comfy dress, you can never go wrong with cashmere. Ensure you try all of them to find one that you can absolutely love.

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