Cashmere Guide to Packing for a Ski Trip (For Her)

Cashmere Guide to Packing for a Ski Trip (For Her)

Packing for a trip is often a struggle, especially for ski trips. We want to stay warm and comfortable, yet also want to look put together while enjoying ourselves with our friends and family and, of course, for a picture or two. Incredibly warm and super stylish, cashmere is lightweight and perfect to pack for a wonderful ski getaway.   

Here is a guide on how to keep warm and trendy while creating fun exciting memories this ski season!


Wear a turtleneck as a base or just wear it by itself. Cashmere is not only the warmest fiber in the world, but also one of the lightest. Thus, a lightweight cashmere turtleneck is perfect for trapping in body heat for those who might want the extra warmth, but not necessarily the extra weight.


It can be difficult to stay warm and still look put together while you’re skiing, but a classic cashmere tank gives you the best of both worlds. It concentrates warmth to your torso and avoids giving you unflattering layered bulks. The option to strip down to it when inside a hot and stuffy cabin is available as well.


Do you invest much time and care into a facial? If so, a cashmere scarf comes highly recommended. Besides being a cute accessory and keeping your neck warm, a scarf also acts as a face mask to protect the face from windburn as you ski down the slopes. You will be happy to see your face undamaged and glowing when it’s time for a photo-op.


With all that wind rushing past you as you ski, you would want to keep your head and ears warm with a hat. This cashmere hat has a cute pompom and braided knit detail that will perfectly accessorize your outfit. Not to mention it will keep your hair neat and tidy!


Our skin gets sensitive in the wintertime. It gets dry, flaky, and needs more nourishment than normal, especially when outdoors. Take the time to protect and take care of your sensitive skin by wearing cashmere gloves. As a hypoallergenic fiber, it is gentle on your hands and protects them from the biting wind that you will surely experience at the ski resort!


While this cashmere sweater looks chic and fashionable, it’s durability and warmth is legendary. Laundering is recommended after three wears, but if worn over a base layer, it can definitely last longer on a week-long ski getaway.

These cashmere items will surely help you stay warm, comfortable, and stylish on your ski trip. However, there are other cashmere garments that are just as good. If you have chosen proper high quality cashmere items, we guarantee they will last you through many winters and fun delightful memories you will not wish to forget.

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