Cashmere Guide to Packing for a Ski Trip (For Him)

Cashmere Guide to Packing for a Ski Trip (For Him)

Whether you’re a first time skier or a pro on the slopes, we all know that if you don’t pack right you might end up with frozen limbs! Out of all the different types of fiber, cashmere is by far the warmest and being 8 times warmer than wool, it’s a no-brainer that cashmere is the way to go for outdoor activities.

Here is a guide on how to keep warm and trendy while creating fun exciting memories this ski season!


They say that the first layer is the most crucial for it is the fabric that goes directly on your skin. Go for the cashmere turtleneck because it is naturally breathable and soft yet doesn’t feel itchy. We all know the struggle of trying to scratch at that itch underneath all those layers of clothes!


For those of you who are not as tough as they look and need a bit more warmth, a classic cashmere sweater is perfect for wearing on top of your base layer.


Choosing the wrong hat can be very irritating when your hands are busy handling your ski poles. It can itch, slip down, or be in danger of flying away while you’re doing your flips and tricks. However, with this cashmere hat, you will not have to worry. Made from the softest fibers of a goat’s coat, a cashmere hat acts as an anti-irritant and molds perfectly with the shape of your head making it safe and secure to wear all day long.


Avoid skiing down the slopes without a scarf! If you don’t want to splurge on a ski mask, use a scarf to protect your face from windburn at high altitudes where it gets very cold and windy. Cover the bottom half of your face as if you’re wearing a mask and you’ll be all set.


If you are not keen on layering on sweaters and just want something that is easy to put on and take off, then a cardigan is the right choice for you. The button cardigan allows fuss free wear while still keeping the same warm quality.


It’s not all about skiing on a ski trip. Taking a break and enjoying the fresh air is also part of the experience. Bask in the beautiful scenery of the snow-covered mountains while being at your most comfortable in a cashmere hoodie. Natural and organic, it perfectly molds to your body allowing easy movement.


Pair your hoodie with an equally relaxing jogger. As mentioned before, cashmere is a naturally breathable fiber making it perfect for the hot and stuffy cabin. We guarantee you will be wearing it throughout your weeklong ski trip.

These cashmere items will surely help you stay warm, comfortable, and stylish on your ski trip. However, there are other cashmere garments that are just as good. If you have chosen proper high quality cashmere items, we guarantee they will last you through many winters and fun delightful memories you will not wish to forget.


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