Comfort at your disposal - Lounge Lizard

Comfort at your disposal - Lounge Lizard

What comes to your mind when you think of loungewear? For me, it makes me feel like waking up by the sunrise, walking to the nearby coffee shop to get a good cup of coffee with a heated-up chocolate croissant, sitting on the porch, and getting a breath of fresh morning air. This is how relaxed and comfortable people should feel in loungewear, a perfect medium between getting dressed up and ready to hop in bed. According to Loungewear 101, it takes the comfiness of sleepwear and upgrades it with function, fashion, fit, and flair.

Our newest “Lounge Lizard” collection suffices all of your comfort and fashion needs. The biggest trend of 2020 and a year after that, these special pieces of clothing will forever hold a place in our hearts and how people dress in the upcoming years. The nature of cashmere itself is about making you feel warm, cozy while being soft against your skin which is exactly what we look for in perfect comfort clothes.

In this collection, instead of typical grays and neutrals we see all the time, we focused on softer pinks, pale sage, warm shades of brown punctuated with a vibrant pink for a contemporary and fresh twist. Choose your comfort fighter from our newest collection and be extra comfy and fashionable every day.

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