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As goats rustle through Mongolian grasslands, the field they roam on is the essence of beauty that make up the history of Cashmere. With the precious fiber they produce, there comes a risk of climate change, which can inevitably harm this beautiful life story. We at GOBI are delighted to introduce our latest collection, which highlights 100% cashmere yarn produced by reusing leftover yarn which comes from our yarn spinning process that helps decrease the negative effects production has on our environment.

The world’s attention on the use of waste reduction has led people to search for natural-looking comfy feeling choices. Well, you don’t have to look any harder. As a mind-focused producer of responsible cashmere, our new Reborn collection is made with reused 100% cashmere yarn with key details of Cable & Aran, and Fisherman rib styles that combine comfort and style. 

Cashmere Sweater - Gobi Cashmere

We want our consumers to feel at ease when wearing cashmere and create a chance to share these timeless and effortless pieces with loved ones and witness the details that are designed for all.

The feeling of luxury and coziness that comes to you will assure you to feel good by doing good. A small change can do a lot and with our products we want you to be confident with what you wear. Allow yourself to be powerful and assured with lesser damage to the environment. Compared to other collections that use simple raw materials, the 17-ton we used for our reborn collection saves 13% on water usage 16% on paint and chemicals usage, 31% on steam expenditure usage, and 31% on electricity usage. Be comfortable in what you wear knowing that you are contributing even the slightest to saving the planet. 

Cashmere Shawl - Gobi Cashmere

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