GOBI Cashmere and the Changing Face of Fashion

GOBI Cashmere and the Changing Face of Fashion

The recent pandemic has altered each and every industry across the globe. Our personal lives have been transformed, the traditional workplace has been completely rearranged and an understanding of what’s truly important has been emphasized. When all of these factors are broken down, it’s no surprise that the fashion industry has been dramatically impacted.

Fashion Amidst a Pandemic

Understandably, a person’s wardrobe is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when faced with vital questions regarding health and livelihood. However, there is something to be said for comfort and the confidence that naturally comes with looking and feeling good. These factors are certainly not trivial! That’s why the fashion industry – and GOBI – has had to evolve to meet the need of the consumer in this ever-changing, post-Covid world. This evolution has changed not only the way that consumers purchase their wardrobe, but also the type of pieces they are looking for.

The New Workplace

Chances are you either know someone who is working from home, or you are yourself. So, leisure wear and work-from-home attire has become an important clothing staple and the fashion industry has had to comply. After all, if you’re going to work from the comfort of home, you might as well be comfortable doing so. But wearing the latest, most expensive brands isn’t as appealing if you’re not actually leaving the house and not nearly as practical. While the idea of working in pajamas might be tempting, virtual meetings tend to frown upon that level of casual. Thus, a mix of cozy, practical and style is the way to go.

Conscious Consumer

In the wake of the “new normal”, an understanding and awareness of what is essential became apparent. This, paired with the financial instability created from the crisis, resulted in purchasing fewer items than before. The habits of buying more and more, without ever being able to have enough, all but completely stopped. In many households, there is currently not extra funds available to spend freely on clothing, which has helped illuminate that having as many possessions as possible will not bring happiness. Instead, an emphasis was placed on buying and selecting high-quality investment pieces. These pieces are classic and have the ability to stay relevant and timeless. They can also be worn for any occasion, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the need. Not only will shopping in this way save money and time, but it also helps prevent the acclimation of clutter, allowing for a calmer mind and environment. Plus, with more responsibilities being fulfilled at home, there simply isn't the need for tons of different outfits and accessories. You don't have to worry about having a different outfit for each day in the office, as your office just might be your home. 


While GOBI Cashmere has been producing quality, comfort and convenience in the cashmere industry for years, we saw the need to raise it up a notch by creating an Fall/Winter collection called “Après Ski”. With the new needs of the consumer in mind, this line blends comfy, sporty pieces with the added sophistication of cashmere. The collection focuses on being cozy, stylish, functional, and desirable all the while being investment pieces that will definitely belong in your closet, and you’ll always find yourself wearing for everywhere for any occasion. From turtlenecks to poncho sweaters, to tapered joggers, you can tackle whatever your day brings, while knowing you've made a comfortable and practical decision that is most suitable to your new lifestyle. 

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