Gobi Organic - Ethereal collection

Gobi Organic - Ethereal collection

Our newest Gobi organic collection is here!

GOBI Cashmere has been producing chic, and high-quality essentials for every occasion for over 40 years, from raw fiber to final product without any third-party influences. Each year we launch our FW, SS, and Organic collections to bring you the trendiest pieces to indulge in. It’s been several years since we first introduced our Organic Line. It is special because we make these items by keeping the 4 natural colors of cashmere.

Because of its warmth, cloud-like softness, and strength, cashmere is believed to be rare thus it has long been considered a luxury in the fashion world. But it’s our priority to bring affordable, ethically sourced, and produced cashmere with responsibility in mind while also paying respect to our Mongolian heritage.

The newest Organic Collection is inspired by the simplicity of nomadic traditions meeting all the things ethereal. The lightest touch of cashmere with an ultra-feminine feel suffices all your wardrobe needs. This collection offers loungewear feels with lofty cables, ribbing, and pointelle details with pieces that can be worn every day. Make Gobi Organic your lifestyle and wear it with pride. View our Organic collection.

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