Gobi Paintbox Collection: Express Yourself with Color

Gobi Paintbox Collection: Express Yourself with Color

Color has been used as a form of expression throughout human history. It’s a topic that’s been researched and studied for years but what’s the gist of it? How can you tell the world how you’re feeling just by wearing something like a red or yellow cashmere sweater? With our Paintbox AW20 collection, you can let the world know how you feel without uttering a single word.

Why colors?

Throughout human history, we have used colors to express ourselves. Colors help us show our mood, shape how we look, and some people even believe that certain colors bring good luck. Are you a passionate, creative individual? Then maybe a cashmere sweater in red or yellow, a primary warm color, can let the world know with just a glance.

The raw power of color

Colors like red and yellow are great for energetic, warm, happy people. Red also happens to be the color of fortune for some cultures. So why not invite a little luck on your side with a little warmth? This is the power of color and that’s what the Paintbox collection wants to help you with.

Why is expression important?

Can you imagine if we all looked and acted the same? Imagine if everyone walked around sporting the same outfit, shoes, earrings, etc. Without expression (especially emotional expression), you invite confusion and unnecessary stress on yourself. Healthy expression lets you get your emotions out and helps you let go of what you’re holding onto.

Wear your emotions on your sleeve, literally!

Maybe you’re feeling a little blue and just need to let it out but don’t want to shout it from the rooftops. A cool color can help you embrace that emotion and get over it. Sometimes we communicate our feelings and emotions with something visual to give people a hint. GOBI’s Paintbox has a wide range of colors for helping you get the message out.

The Paintbox collection

It’s been mentioned a few times but let’s go a little further into the Paintbox collection. This collection is a set of clothes in expressive, unique colors. Some of the clothing options range from your typical cashmere sweaters to various other tops, dresses and coats.

Dressing up or down

This gives you a lot of options for dressing your cashmere up or down. Maybe you want to go out with some friends to an art gallery and really want your creativity to stand out. Then something in orange or yellow, colors that represent energy and creativity, can let that aspect about yourself shine through.

Let that rebellious side out!

Now, what if you’re the bold type of person? What if you want to be a little dashing? No problem. The collection has striped, color combinations and beige pieces with colored borders. Striped patterns have symbolized rebellion and a sense of adventure for a very long time. Want to make a lasting first impression? A multi-colored striped cashmere dress may do just the trick.

Gobi Cashmere

In the world of cashmere, there are a lot of options out there. Some of us are cashmere fans and others of us are just getting into this unique fashion item. What Gobi Cashmere is doing with Paintbox is filling a need for fans and newcomers of cashmere to add a little excitement and expression to their wardrobe. If you find your typical cashmere options lacking the brightness or expression that you’re looking for, then check out GOBI’s line of cashmere products. The Paintbox Collection is now released! Remember, the best way to let the world know how you’re feeling is by showing, not telling.

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