Introducing Mineral, the Timeless New Look for Everyday

Introducing Mineral, the Timeless New Look for Everyday

The gentle breezes are bringing in bright red autumn leaves, and cool winter days are ahead of us, promising crisp white snow and steel grey clouds to drive us inside. Beyond that, we can see the bright blue skies and glittering sun of spring and summer to draw us back out again. Whatever season you prefer, we've created the perfect collection to partake in the weather while looking cool and collected. And we call it "Mineral."

The Mineral Inspiration

Cashmere is, at its heart, a part of nature. With every piece we craft, we try to reflect that simplicity and elegance in a way that draws you in. Our Mineral collection is taken directly from the source of the earth: the minerals. Just imagine the deep navy hiding in the crevices of rocks or at the bottom of the lake. Consider the steely grey of rocks and stones making up the steep mountain slopes and the gravel pathways you take towards adventure. Or close your eyes and remember the icy blue of crashing waterfalls and pristine lakes cooling off those hot summer months. Our cashmere reflects the beauty of nature in a refreshing new way by drawing out those greys and blues and giving you the chance to enjoy nature from your home. 

The Mineral Feel

Anytime you style our pieces, you're guaranteed all the elegance cashmere can bring. The lush silky touch and plush warmth will wrap you in delight and comfort all day. In our mineral collection, we combine our rich cashmere yarns and fabrics with the flowing elegance of rippling water and the undulations of rocky crevices, bringing a contemporary feel to the classic touch you've come to love. Cable knit sweaters, knitted ribbed dresses and separates, and slouchy silhouettes create waves, not only on your clothing, but also in your style. When you step into one of these pieces, you'll be enfolded in the warm embrace of a new style that immediately stands out from the crowd. 

The Mineral Look

Cashmere isn't meant to be worn in the closet. Our Mineral items are specifically designed to make you look good without looking like a carbon copy of everyone else. Toss on one of our neatly crafted wrap-and-tie silhouettes designed to clothe you in elegance and luxury in one step. When the wind picks up, there's nothing quite so sophisticated as a double-faced cashmere coat, and we've refreshed our classic to fit seamlessly in the new collection. Those cable-knit sweaters and ribbed dresses we mentioned encase the supreme elegance of daily wear with ultimate comfort, providing you with a new and improved look but none of the hassle of working hard to look good. For those wanting something a bit lighter, we've crafted a cardi coat and a silk velvet shirt so you can embrace your unique fit. 

GOBI Cashmere and the Minerals

You like to look good, and we're here to help you. The big silhouettes of our new collection ensure that you can't be hidden. You'll be delighted to walk around every day in the relaxing fit of supreme elegance. It doesn't get much better than that. The loose but classically sophisticated pieces of the Mineral collection are our latest attempt to ensure that you can feel good while looking like royalty. We've drawn on the building blocks of our universe to envelop you in a look and feel as timeless as cashmere itself. 

Here at GOBI, we'll give you everything you need to enter this new season ready for anything. Shop our collection now to find the perfect pieces to craft the new style you'll be enjoying for years to come. 

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