The Iconic Collection is our tribute to Rock'n'Roll

The Iconic Collection is our tribute to Rock'n'Roll

The unisex, androgynous fashion and attitude of the 1960s was a rebellion against gender norms and still resonates today. The Stones were pioneers in this movement, and their clothing choices and no-nonsense demeanor continue to be admired today. We at Gobi Cashmere are proud to present our latest collection, which features unisex clothing with a touch of rock 'n roll.

The appeal of unisex clothing is that there is something for everyone to wear. You can wear whatever you want with gender-neutral garments, and people will have to put up with it. It's a subversive tactic of nonviolent resistance that seeps into the very fabric of our society.

Gobi is a brand that encourages people to be themselves. We advocate for equality by dismantling gender stereotypes and demonstrating the innovative idea of actual self-awareness, which is a true reflection of this collection.

Promote and share your timeless pieces with friends and loved ones with neutral colors, simple graphics, and unique undertones for a perfect mix-match of styles and tastes. Break free from gender- and trend-specific fast fashion, and choose responsible fashion.

Although this train of thought is taking a while to catch up, self-awareness can also lead to gender equality. If you can wear the same clothes, then why not get the same pay, the same opportunities, and the same recognition? Unleash your inner rock star, be you, because at Gobi Cashmere #WeAreAllOne.

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