We're very excited to announce that we have recently been featured in not one, but two digital and print publications of Vogue! The iconic magazine features the fashion-greats and we are honored and amazed to be brought alongside them.

Known as the “fashion Bible”, it is an accolade of the highest for fashion brands to appear in Vogue.

The Vogue UK March 2021 issue chose to include GOBI’s cashmere coat in an article highlighting ‘Seasonal Staples to Keep You on Trend’. As the world’s #1 coat producer, we are ecstatic to have our cashmere coat recognized, as well as our dedication to sourcing and creating everything as locally as possible in line with our commitment to quality and ethical production. With our promise of ‘sharing comfort & joy’ and the drive to bring you the very best of the best, this recognition from Vogue only further confirms that we are one step closer to bringing GOBI Cashmere out to the world.

And yes, it gets better! Being chosen for the Designer Profile is truly a dream come true! The Designer Profile profiles different designers from all around the world giving labels an opportunity to become recognized as a leader in fashion.

Another one for the books is our second digital article in Vogue. This time featuring our very own special cashmere and silk blend leggings. With the right amount of stretch to ensure comfort and structure for each wear, it really is perfect for a morning coffee run just as suggested.

We plan to use this accreditation to showcase just how much hard-work and passion can help you go a long way and set you on the path to success. This is big news for us and fellow cashmere lovers around the world and we are so happy to share it with you all!

And wait – there’s more! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled because you’ll be seeing a lot more of GOBI soon!

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