Wear Beige

Wear Beige

Did you know that the color beige symbolizes piety and comfort? Beige is an appreciative color that is easy to adapt to any outfit and this dazzling shade gives a welcoming presence to anyone no matter how old you are. We all know that the past 2 years have changed our clothing styles. Before the pandemic, people mostly wore business-casual but now people tend to wear more basic outfits to be comfortable and choose more calm and neutral colors to easily suit any color. 

Anytime you style our pieces, you're guaranteed all the elegance cashmere can bring.

Beige on beige with white:

With its energetic spirit, this white and beige combination is one of the winners for this season. Whatever your age, white and beige are two of the most complimentary colors for any occasion that can look you more presentable. The importance is to mix other neutral tones with your beige cashmere. Neutrals are easy to pair up with each other colors since they are timeless classics.

Pair beige with denim:

Pairing your beige cashmere with denim is always a good idea; denim jeans are effortless yet stylish pairings for beige tops in order to complete your look with a trendier look. We would like to recommend you wear a casual pairing of a beige cashmere sweater and blue denim that is extremely easy to put together without a second thought to create a smooth look.

Beige over leather item:

Styling your beige cashmere sweater over leather trousers or shorts would be one easy way to add a fashion-forward look to your outfit.

You can never go wrong with wearing the beige-leather combination, the luxe-looking fabric will give your ensemble a fresh and modern look.

Style your beige cashmere with over-the-knee boots:

Over-the-knees are back in style. To boost your energy, wear your beige cashmere dresses or minis with the matching over-the-knee boots to make them chill weather appropriate. If you enjoy a more laid-back approach, it will bring an instant sultry vibe and ensure you exude femininity. Plus, a quality cashmere dress can be three times warmer than wool and its moisture content mean that’s insulating.

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