Free Cashmere Gifts for Your Mom This Mother's Day

Free Cashmere Gifts for Your Mom This Mother's Day

This year's Mother's Day might not be as you expect it to be. Nevertheless, the distance apart doesn't make this day any less special for you and the woman who has gone to the moon and back for you. This Mother’s Day, GOBI is giving exclusive gifts with purchases for we believe every family needs a little bit of care and love during these times.

Flowers are an awesome gift - but can they last long? Cashmere is a great option for moms who want something that will endure the times whilst maintaining its high quality. Here are some gift ideas to go with our gift offers. To make it even easier to send your loved one a gift, you can check out our free shipping.


If your mom is one of those moms who insist on not getting anything extravagant, it’s best to get her a basic style cashmere sweater. Choose from turtlenecks, V-necks, and round necks for her to adorn for any occasion. We will even throw in a pair of cashmere socks as a gift! More specifically, THE SOFTEST and THE WARMEST socks she will ever have the pleasure of wearing.


Mothers are truly real-life superheroes. They do the most to make you comfortable and happy such as making your favorite meals and making the house cozy and welcoming for you to come home to. Cardigans are for those busy moms who are excellent at multi-tasking. Easy to put on and take off, it doesn’t take excessive time and effort to look put chic and put together.


For mothers who treasure serene walks at the park, a belted short coat is the best choice. We are still in that strange phase where it can turn chilly in minutes. This coat has a 2/3 sleeve that will keep her warm but still feeling airy when it turns balmy. The addition of a lightweight woven scarf will add even more elegance to her easy-going look.


Every woman needs a good waistcoat and your mom is no exception. Get her a wardrobe staple that she just might love more than you. Easy to grab and slip on when rushing out the door, a cashmere waistcoat is for those working moms who need to enter the office like a boss. She can even decorate her office with a throw blanket to create a cozy workspace.


We are all guilty of not listening to our mothers sometimes, but they are very wise. Mothers love natural fibers because they know the difference between synthetic and natural materials. Therefore, a cashmere coat that is sustainable, hypoallergenic, and unrivaled in quality will surely make her to jump up and down in joy. Equally sustainable and gentle are the accompanying cashmere blanket and socks. What a deal!


Compile the ultimate gift combo for your mom with essential loungewear pieces. You can mix and match the colors and styles to create a unique outfit that will no doubt comfort and relax her. A soft bathrobe, hoodie, and pants along with a cozy blanket and socks is the best care package you could give to your beautiful mom.

Giving gifts is a loving gesture, but shouldn’t every day be Mother’s Day? One day is simply not enough to show appreciation to the mothers who work hard and look out for us round the clock. Let’s keep giving them praise and love because every day is special when it comes to moms.

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