Happy SPRING! This festive season is a great time to spend much-needed quality time with your loved ones and shower them with gifts! Some things are worth the wait. I am excited to share that The Gobi ONE MILLION GIFTS is still ongoing. Under this campaign, we are offering giveaways for purchases above a certain value point as listed on the website this year. As seen in “Our Story”, GOBI always greets with a warm heart and equally warm gifts to our customers as our appreciation. The philosophy of this campaign is very simple yet cultural.

We think that it is a great way to share Mongolia’s culture of gift-giving. It is widely known that Mongolians have been nomads for centuries, so it is most common for families to settle in remote areas with plentiful grassland to graze livestock-their main source of food. This would mean that they would often live several kilometers away from other families. Hence, when they do get a rare visitor, especially far from each other, they would offer the best of everything they had just to show their appreciation for taking the time and traveling a long distance across Mongolia’s vast lands to come to visit each other. The arrival of guests always delights the Mongols, for they bring news from faraway places and interesting stories about their journey. It is an unwritten rule for nomads to treat guests with the utmost hospitality and make them feel at home, even if they do not have much room. They also don't distinguish between invited and uninvited guests. Even if you don't know them and happen to bump into their door, the nomads will provide you with food and shelter. This generosity is at the heart of Mongolian culture and way of life. For us at GOBI, giving makes us happy. We feel happy and inspired as we see our customers’ satisfaction and are thankful for being our valued customers. This is a way of expressing our gratitude to you, our customers! 


You’re probably wondering how we picked your wish list and favorite items for this giveaway. Well, it’s all about analytics. So, the GOBI is offering from signature knit gloves to large shawls starting purchase with $89 or more.

Yes! You heard it right. Our signature bestsellers items, including knit gloves, knit hat, pair of socks, fringed and triangle scarves, and a warm shawl are in the first year of the ONE MILLION GIFTS campaign. Simply make an order:

Over €89 + a pair of cashmere gloves or knit collar

Over €99 + a pair of socks or knit hat

Over €199 + fringed scarf

Over €299 + triangle scarf

Over €399 + large shawl

Also, we are having a Spring Haul Event with up to 50% off on selected items right now. I am thrilled to share that ANYONE can preview the ONE MILLION GIFTS items now online! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to shop for the highest quality cashmere knitwear and accessories.

Hooray! Enjoy while it lasts.

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