The Not-So-Ugly Christmas Sweaters We Absolutely Love

The Not-So-Ugly Christmas Sweaters We Absolutely Love

The holidays are fast-approaching as seen with the advent of Christmas trees, wrapping gifts and making gingerbread houses. But we often get distracted by the things we often associate with the holiday season and forget about what truly matters – JOY! Make this year “the season of joy” by showing your loved ones just how much you love them and the happiness they bring into your life. With our limited-edition Holiday Collection, you can wear your heart on your sleeve for everyone to see. And since the holidays are about those you cherish, all sweaters in the holiday collection are with a unisex design so it can fit any individual’s wardrobe. Wear it to match as a happy family or as a lovely couple.

Our cashmere sweaters are made for comfort and style. We make our products using super-soft locally made Mongolian cashmere fibers for the best insulation. Because it’s inherently warmer than wool, it’s an ideal way to warm up for the upcoming winter holiday season.

Here’s a look at our Christmas sweaters for this season of joy.

Snowflake high neck

Do you love spending your winters watching the snow or playing with it outside? If yes, this sweater is the perfect fit to get you and your family into the holiday mood. The snowflake visual flourish designs on the sweaters include a large snowflake picture and snow like visuals at the arms. The design on this sweater ensures that there are no constrictions to your neck, therefore guaranteeing comfort.

LOVE cardigan

With Christmas comes the spirit of love. This design of sweaters is the perfect way to express the feeling of love for couples, friends, or family. The word LOVE is engraved in large letters on it using beautiful colors and visuals. Spread the love all year round by wearing these unique LOVE cardigans.

Noël crew neck

The word Noël signifies the Christmas holiday season in French. In English, the term is used to spread the good news of the birth of Christ. The sweater design incorporates a touch of colorful visuals at the front that spells out "Noël." If you are looking for a Christmas gift, the Noël crew neck is perfect for those who prefer minimalism.

Hot chocolate & marshmallows sweater

It is essential to do the things we love during this holiday season, with the people with love. If you and your family, or you and your partner go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows, or you love the combo, then this is the right sweater for you. The words hot chocolate and marshmallows are beautifully imprinted on it, making it a must-have wardrobe addition for the upcoming winter holidays.

Christmas Tree crew neck

The Christmas Tree crew neck speaks for itself. Beautiful Christmas tree patterns are engraved on it, giving the sweater a unique design. If you and your family or spouse are Christmas tree enthusiasts and enjoy traditions such as opening gifts under the tree, the Christmas tree crew is the sweater for you.

Joyeux cardigan

Joyeux is a French word that translates to being merry or happy. The design on the sweater features warm, attractive graphics of star and snowflake-like pictures in different colors. For couples that enjoy and appreciate happiness, this is the perfect gift for your loved one as you can buy one for each one of you.

Joy crew neck

Are you a joyous person? It's time to show off that logo! Our Joy crew neck sweaters are here to help you spread the feeling of joy to your loved ones and those around you. The word "joy" is engraved in white on the sweater, making it stand out. As there is no limit to joy, this is a beautiful all-year-round sweater.

These sweaters are perfect for any day wear and occasions such as family gatherings and Christmas celebrations. You can choose to buy them as gifts in pairs of two or more for couples, family, and friends. The beautiful designs on the sweater's express feelings such as love, joy, and the happiness brought by Christmas festivities. Remember, these are limited editions only so be quick to get it before it’s gone!

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