Behind the Scenes: West Coast Arrivals Launch

Behind the Scenes: West Coast Arrivals Launch

Behind the Scenes: West Coast Arrivals Launch

With a new season comes new and cheerful arrivals. We are beyond excited to invite you to take an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of our new arrivals; West Coast. This time, we had the privilege of working again with the designer and co-founder Martin Parker of Yorkshire-based menswear brand “Cut & Pin”. As we introduced; he is a former head of design at Pure Collection, a senior designer at British brands Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Next Group PLC, and worked with well-known British designers including Betty Jackson and label Preen.

Previous collaborations and collections with Martin Parker:

He has been collaborating with GOBI Cashmere since the launch of Fall/Winter 2021, and Spring/Summer 2021 collections, such as “Expressionist”, “Chalked”, “60’s Mod”, “Ethereal”, “Riviere Chic” etc. Each collaboration with him was a success and each of them is known for its impressive styles and lasting effects.

West Coast Inspiration:

The pandemic has changed a lot from what we wear and how we style to how we shop. Some think that the pandemic has helped them find their styles. This time, we wanted to come up with something fresh and cheerful to share the inspiration of the sunshine cities of the West Coast of America. Think Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Francisco for that laid-back style that looks so effortless and cool. We’ve taken inspiration from the decadent Art Deco buildings with their chalked pastels shaded back with hot, warm bright colors. By focusing on subtle and effortless looks, we think that the perfect look that captures the positivity and optimism the world has been missing of late.

New Styles Details; GET THE LOOK:

The team had so much fun and inspiration creating the new drops. With the new drops, the focus has been on curating versatile and colorful creations that are high on both style and comfort to light up your authentic moments for this season. As spring is a time of fresh blooms and new starts, we’ll also be introducing new textures, as well as fun and fabulous prints and unexpected pops of color. At the same time, the new styles bring together our competing desires for a joyful adventure through a range of stand-out shades and smooth styles with free-spirited optimism and joy.

Spark your vibe with the positivity and optimism the world has been missing of late.

We wanted to spread positivity and optimism through our cheerful and colorful styles to encourage the exploration of new chromatic reality and playfulness. We know that there have been a lot of expectations in the collection from us and we hope you experience the best of its fresh and cheerful inspiration!

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