Celebrating Women in Cashmere

Celebrating Women in Cashmere

8 March is the day we celebrate International Women’s Day. This day, in particular, is especially significant for us here at GOBI Cashmere. With 75% of our employees being women from ages 18 to 55 and above, we thought to highlight how four of these women – who range from managerial to the executive level choose to celebrate the important women in their lives. From memories of a grandmother to love for mom, Noni, Uchka, Dagi and Uuriintuya each share a little about the woman who inspired them the most.

Celebrating women is more important than ever. We believe that a focus on equal opportunity will help drive women-centered initiatives forward as we move into the future. Read on to find out about some of our most-beloved pieces and how they tie into our employees’ love for their favorite women.

Noni - Merchandising, Sales Manager at GOBI Cashmere USA

“My love for shawls definitely came from my grandmother. She would always bring a shawl with her everywhere she went, so I always find her with a shawl draped over her shoulder or as a head cover. It just gives you this sort of vintage fancy feel and adds character to whatever you're wearing. When I wear it around my neck, I feel like a real fancy lady!”

Uchka – Head of Design

“I feel like all moms are pretty stylish in their own way– there’s always something about them that's awesome. My mom had a very beautiful glen check-pattern cashmere coat for 30 years, and now we share that coat together : )  Cashmere black coat is my most favourite everyday go-to item! It goes well with every outfit, every occasion.”

Uuriintuya – Pattern Cutter / Knitting Division

“My favorite is definitely the cashmere sweater. Its super soft and cozy feeling reminds me of the cashmere knit sweater my grandma had with her for 40 years. It is such a long-lasting piece that you can keep with you for years without having the quality fade away. I love it so much I have about a whole collection of them in my closet!”

Dagi – Head of Online Marketing

“Growing up, my mother and I spent a lot of time together. The quality mother-daughter time we had was full of warmth and love. Now as an adult, that feeling of comfort and coziness is still an important part of my life. As an active person, cashmere is the best choice, more specifically cashmere loungewears because it gives me the same cozy feeling during my time at work, when I drive, go hiking - even during my dance practice.”

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