Genuine Mongolian Cashmere

Genuine Mongolian Cashmere

Cashmere, not enough is known about its sourcing and the story behind it, though renowned for its incredible softness and quality,

Due to Mongolia's diverse ecological environment, the goats go through all 4 seasons where temperatures fluctuate from -40℃ during harsh winters to +40℃ during bright and sunny summers. To survive this extreme climate, the cashmere goats rely on Mongolian nomadic herders to take care of them.


During the cold winters the goats grow a thick layer of undercoat to keep themselves warm – the colder the weather, the thinner & higher the quality of the cashmere will be. As the season changes to spring, to keep the goats refreshed and healthy, herders hand comb the cashmere off of the goats.

This natural evolution of the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle & its harmonious co-existence with its livesto­ck is at the core of why we feel proud about producing cashmere products. To us, our cashmere isn’t just another product, it is the accumulation of our way of life.

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