GOBI Truly Traceable Cashmere

GOBI Truly Traceable Cashmere

Cashmere is more than an exceptionally soft and warm material used to make excellent clothing, it is the embodiment of a way of life, a tradition developed through the generations. By increasing the traceability of our cashmere, GOBI continues its conservation efforts for Mongolian nomads and their cashmere herds. This offers you the best cashmere in Mongolia — where the softest and finest cashmere is produced — with a guarantee of its origin.

What is traceability?

Traceability is the ability to track or trace a product from start to finish while keeping records of every stage of production. There are many steps to be taken and records to preserve the accuracy of every strand of cashmere fiber before it is inserted into your finished product. GOBI has therefore introduced its new traceability project.

GOBI. Truly Traceable Cashmere Project

We are launching the Truly Traceable Cashmere project to allow our customers to locate where in Mongolia your cashmere is from. As cashmere is a truly sustainable resource, each product receives a traceability score based on several factors.

Raw cashmere scoring accounts for 30% of the total, this accounts for the province the goats were combed in. Broken down further, 15% of the score includes the country, in this case, Mongolia, from which the cashmere was produced. Another 10% is given for the province where the herds reside. Lastly, 5% is attributed to the herder. Currently we are continuing our efforts to trace the exact herder families from which the cashmere is sourced.

Once the initial tracing is complete, there is another 35% attributed to those who work on the raw cashmere. Accountability is maintained through processing, designing, and stitching. Each worker that has a hand in the production of the cashmere is recorded, increasing the traceability of the final project.

Manufacturing is the last 35% of the traceability project. This records where the yarns, threads, and materials go to be arranged into the final product available for sale. It tracks exactly which stages of production the cashmere has gone through, the machines used, and the technology applied to the final product.

Why is traceability important?

Not only does traceability tell you the origin of your work, but it also gives a precise record of whom you support. This not only benefits GOBI’s efforts to protect, but also the herders, goats, and customers of the final product.

The knowledge that Mongolian herders' lifestyles have been maintained during their purchase will benefit our customers. Customers can be assured that the goats have been properly treated and that duplicate pieces can be produced by high-quality fibers from the same area. Traceability benefits customers because they know exactly from where their cashmere was produced and that this was produced and manufactured responsibly. Then they can live a more conscious lifestyle through better and educated choices.

Benefits to the Mongolian herders themselves are the reason we produce quality cashmere products. With traceability, GOBI can determine exactly which area, and soon which herding family, produced the best cashmere. The income they receive from the purchase of their raw cashmere assists in maintaining their daily lives and the continuation of their family's traditional way of life. Direct sourcing eliminates the middleman and increases the herder's net profits.

Finally, the goats themselves benefit from the responsible traceability project. As the goats are traditionally raised, they are ensured that they are treated well. Traceability ensures that the customer knows that these goats are free of cruelty by way of traditional cashmere combing. The natural process of cashmere growth and combing is observed and is softer and better than the quality raised in close-quartered farms for this purpose.

GOBI's Truly Traceable Cashmere project continues to develop and is aiding in the education and safety of cashmere production. Help with the conservation efforts and support Mongolian cashmere with GOBI.

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