Noble Fiber Quality

Noble Fiber Quality

What do you consider the most when buying cashmere products? How do you identify if the cashmere quality is good or not? We all consider these kinds of questions and try to choose the best option out there when buying cashmere products. But it’s not that easy to identify the best quality as all we know. Because some could cost you around a thousand dollars while some may use lower grade cashmere or different processing techniques to make the end-products cheaper.

At GOBI, all of our products are made from Mongolian Cashmere, the highest quality cashmere fibers in the world! Cashmere’s quality is determined by its length and thinness, in other words, “microns”. Compared to the industry average of 19 microns, Mongolian Cashmere, or King Fiber, is the longest and thinnest ranging from 13-14 microns. Our climate, the habitat, and the living conditions of our cashmere goats lead to the highest quality of cashmere we so boldly claim. This means that it is the finest and the most expensive fiber, in other words, the so-called Khaan Shirhegt, ‘Noble-Fiber’ which stands out as top quality above the others. Even though we use high-quality cashmere, we are committed to serving you the best quality cashmere products at affordable prices for everyone.

Our core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions at every step of our production. These include 1. Using the highest quality cashmere, 2. Manufacturing 100% cashmere products and 3. Rigorous quality assurance gives us the confidence to be proud of our products and brand.

We make cashmere a lifestyle.

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