Our 40th anniversary!  A triumph of elegance, quality and practicality

Our 40th anniversary! A triumph of elegance, quality and practicality

Our 40th anniversary!

A triumph of elegance, quality and practicality.

The history of Gobi Company take its origin from international diplomatic relations between Japan and Mongolia. In 1977, the Japanese government granted a 5 billion yen ($45 million) to support Mongolia. Also signed a bilateral agreement between two Governments to build a goat cashmere and camel wool processing factory in Ulaanbaatar City. The opening of the Gobi factory in 1981 was a historical event as it was the first enterprise in the framework of Mongolian-Japanese cooperation. The factory began processing goat cashmere, camel wool, natural fabrics and yarns. Over the next years we have developed into creating the high-value cashmere products with an affordable price, managed to preserve traditions and set a deep connection with herders to supply from areas with the high quality.

Consequently, Gobi became the first factory in Mongolia to receive an international quality prize and certificate, gradually implementing the international ISO-9000 standard. This is how our history of 100% Mongolian cashmere begins.

Present Future

Since then, we started product improvement work, has opened a new garment factory, strengthened capability with Italian, German, Polish and Japanese technology and encouraged the growth and development of employers. The last innovation that brought a pleasant benefit of the company dynamics concerned the establishment of an online platform to integrate global expansion. GOBI Cashmere | Sharing Comfort & Joy

These days cashmere is more than indicator of luxury and high status, it is a lifestyle that should be reachable by all. Therefore we are ready to share our experience with the world! We believe something as special as our cashmere shouldn’t be limited to just a small group of people. Because in the end, everybody deserves to experience the comfort and joy of 100% Mongolian cashmere as a little luxury in their everyday lives.

More than 40 years we have been producing not only simple cashmere garments, we have also been making dreams of hundreds, thousands of workers who have put their soul into every thread and work hard to make cashmere products reachable to everyone. We make cashmere a lifestyle and this is our vision. It is important for us that you wear clothes that are comfortable and pleasant to the body, so that things are durable and easy to care for and will delight you for many years.

With pride and joy, we invite you to celebrate our 40th anniversary with us! After all this is not just a holiday, it is a triumph of elegance, quality and practicality. Gobi Cashmere - Shop Sustainable Luxury Cashmere Clothing

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